Body Butter

Immerse yourself in the luxuriousblend of our formula, meticulously crafted to replenish moisture and visibly enhance skin elasticity, ensuring enduring suppleness. Especially beneficial for minimising the appearance of stretch marks, commonly experienced during pregnancy, postpartum, and weight loss.

Embrace the soothing effects of chamomile, lavender, and the nourishing properties of turmeric, providing your skin with continuous moisture and care. Ideal as a deep moisturiser, our formula elevates your skincare routine, offering a lavish experience for your skin's well-being.

Our luxurious formula helps replenish moisture and visibly improve skin elasticity to maintain suppleness. Ideal for reducing the appearance of stretch marks experienced during pregnancy, postpartum and weight loss.

Enjoy the benefits of calming chamomile, soothing lavender and nourishing turmeric to keep your skin moisturised at all times.


Shea butter
Mango butter
Castor oil
Sunflower oil
Jojoba oil
Passionfruit oil
Avocado oil
Lavender Essential oil
Chamomile essential oil
Turmeric essential oil