Mums & bubs Essentials

The Mums and Bubs Essentials set is designed to provide comprehensive care for both mothers and their babies. This set includes:

  1. Baby Balm: A soothing blend of antimicrobial orange, healing lavender, and hydrating mango butter to protect and nourish your baby's delicate skin. It's perfect for preventing nappy rash, soothing skin irritation, and reducing swelling and inflammation.
  2. Baby Oil: Formulated to deeply hydrate and soothe your baby's skin. This oil features a blend of moisturising avocado oil, nourishing passionfruit, calming orange, and soothing lavender. It's ideal for use as a body moisturiser, a massage oil, and for reducing cradle cap.
  3. Body Butter: Rich and creamy, this body butter hydrates and softens the skin, making it perfect for daily use to maintain your skin's elasticity and prevent dryness.
  4. Mum Oil: Tailored for mothers, this oil offers intensive hydration and nourishment, helping to maintain skin suppleness and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It's a luxurious treat for your skincare routine.