Mums & Bubs Ultimate

The Mums & Bubs Ultimate Set from Earthie Koala is the perfect all-inclusive package for comprehensive care for both mothers and their babies. This luxurious set includes:

  1. Baby Balm: A gentle balm infused with antimicrobial orange, healing lavender, and hydrating mango butter to protect and nourish your baby's delicate skin. Ideal for preventing nappy rash and soothing skin irritations.

  2. Baby Oil: A blend of moisturising avocado oil, nourishing passionfruit, calming orange, and soothing lavender. This oil provides deep hydration, reduces cradle cap, and offers a calming massage experience for your baby.

  3. Lip and Nipple Balm: A versatile balm designed to replenish lost moisture and provide deep hydration to delicate areas, ensuring comfort and protection.

  4. Mum Oil: Tailored for mothers, this oil deeply hydrates and nourishes the skin, helping to maintain suppleness and reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

  5. Body Butter: A rich, creamy body butter that replenishes moisture, enhances skin elasticity, and ensures enduring suppleness for both mum and baby.

  6. Floral Scrub: A luxurious scrub featuring a textured blend of fresh botanicals that delicately exfoliates, renews, and invigorates the skin by removing dead cells, providing a spa-like experience at home.

Together, these products offer a nurturing and indulgent skincare experience, keeping both mum and baby’s skin healthy, hydrated, and protected. This set ensures you have everything needed for daily skincare routines, promoting bonding and creating precious moments.